Acing your Next Interview: Some Key Tips for Getting that Job Offer

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By Monique Farmer, APR

A little something for the PR students…

Before we know it summer will be upon us and the job market will start to simmer. I know firsthand the stress that interviews can bring, especially for students and recent graduates. This week, I was invited to present to UT’s PRSSA Club. Here’s what I shared with the students to help them get ready for their first job in PR.


 Understand the Interview Process:

  • Types of Interviews: I’ve seen it all—recruiters, panels, and one-on-one interviews. Each type has its nuances, and it’s crucial to tailor your strategy accordingly.
  • Scenario-based Interviews: For those of us in PR and communications, be prepared to think on your feet with writing tests and preparing responses for hypothetical situations.


 Research Before the Interview:

  • Network: I can’t stress enough how leveraging connections can provide invaluable insights into an organization.
  • Organization Knowledge: Doing your homework on a company’s recent events, values and leadership is key. This is something I personally never skip.
  • Mock Interviews: They’ve been my saving grace, helping refine my answers and bolstering my confidence before the big day.

 Day of the Interview:

  • Calm Your Nerves: Over the years, I’ve found deep breathing and power poses like the ‘Wonder Woman’ to be effective for calming my nerves.
  • Professional Dress: Always dress the part, ensuring attire matches the professionalism the job demands.

 During the Interview:

  • Don’t Be Dry: Weave in stories about your achievements to bring your resume to life.
  • Key Messages: Prepare succinct points that clearly communicate the value you’ve brought to other roles.
  • Common Questions: Like many, I practice for the ‘Tell me about yourself’ prompt to ensure I start strong.

 After the Interview:

  • Thank You Note: A simple email or handwritten card expressing gratitude can go a long way- I make sure to send mine within 24 hours post-interview.
  • Fair Compensation: Advocate for fair pay by researching market rates and be prepared to negotiate.


  • Consider including
    • News Releases: My portfolio includes several impactful releases.
    • Media Pitches: I demonstrate my ability to persuade and engage.
    • Coverage Examples: I showcase media placements I’ve secured, illustrating the results of my pitches.


While these foundational insights are just the basics, they delve deeper into the strategy and mindset for successful interviews. It’s not just about showcasing skills but also about proving a cultural fit. Everything from your outfit to the firmness of your handshake and the clarity of your key messages plays a role in leaving a lasting impression.

So as you prepare for your interviews, think of the story you want to tell. And remember, being part of PRSSA means you have a network and support system already in place. Use it to your full advantage. Good luck, and make them remember you! 🚀

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