5 Steps for Navigating the First Hour of a Crisis

By Monique Farmer, APR The world we live in is unpredictable, to say the least. And the world you and I work in — the public relations world — can be just as volatile. Crises are inevitable. Often, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Whether it’s a hiccup in the supply...

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The Art of Captivating your Audience

  By Jona Ohm, APR  Regardless of your business or expertise, you are likely trying to communicate with someone - staff, consumers, advocates or other stakeholders, the list goes on. As we seek to share our message, we ultimately want to connect with our audience...

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The 2024 PR Landscape: Trends to Watch

  By Jona Ohm, APR  Recently, we touched on ways to refresh your PR for the new year. Public Relations (PR) is always evolving and staying ahead of the trends is crucial for success in the dynamic landscape of communication. But what lies ahead for 2024? Some of...

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Revitalizing Your PR Strategies: A Guide for the New Year

By Jona Ohm, APR  In the dynamic landscape of public relations, it's crucial for businesses to revisit their strategies to stay relevant and effectively communicate with their audience. As we march into 2024, now is a great time to explore some key strategies to...

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Building Relationships with Journalists and Media Outlets 

By Jona Ohm, APR  We’ve said before and we will say again, Public Relations is all about relationships. Specifically, the mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and its audiences. Journalists are key allies in this formula because they are the...

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